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                                      HOT SANDWICHES
-Frankfurt (hot dog)
-Salsitxes del país
-Salsitxes del país with cheese
. Country sausages, cheese, onion, peppers
-Stick de carn  Marinated minced pork, onion ,
  lettuce, mayonnaise

Butifarra de cocido with onion and Marta's sauce
-Llom - Pork Loin
-Llom i formatge -
Porl Loin and cheese
-Llom i pernil-
Pork Loin and Ham
-Pollastre. Chicken breast, onion, lettuce, mild garlic sauce
-Hamburguesa completa- Hamburger .Hamburger, onion,  lettuce, mustard , ketchup
-Bacó  formatge-
Bacon  and Cheese
-Bacó especial. -
Bacon, cheese, onion and peppers
-Aranés. Bacon, roquefort  and onion
-Mallorquín. Sobrasada and cheese
-German Bratwurst
. Mortadela, Emmental and onion
-Pernil cuit i formatge Gouda - Ham and Gouda cheese
-Pernil cuit i formatge Emmental -
Ham and Emmental cheese
-Pernil ibéric
-Pernil bodega

Xistora, cheese and mustard
-Butifarra negra (black pudding) and onion
-Ibicenco. Butifarra blanca, chistorra  and onion
-Butifarra blanca from Balaguer and cheese
-Truita a la francesa o de patata i ceba - Plain omelette or Spanish omelette
-Botifarra de temporada- Seasonal Buttifarra Omelette according to season and availability. Presently serving.- Sausage with Fungi Porcini sauce and onion
-Cordobés. Spanish Omelette with spicy chorizo
-Emmental i Roquefort
-Vigueta- Country sausages, Xistorra , finely sliced peppers and spicy sauce.
Botifarra de Calçots. Large sweet onion sausage with onions, and romesco sauce. (In season)
-Bodega y Formatge -Pernil bodega and Gouda cheese.
-Hamburguesa amb formatge. Cheeseburger. 100% beef, onion, lettuce, mustard, & ketchup

    * In those Sandwiiches that do not contain these ingredients you can order a supplement of onion, Emmental or Roquefort cheese or ............
*Please click on the words in green to see the glossary with an explanation of these ingredients
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