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From “Frankfurt”, country sausages or pork loin from the begin-ning years, nowadays we have a large  variety of hot and cold sandwiches to satisfy most tastes and have incorporated a va-riety of refreshing salads to accompany them and are  ready to be taken away along with other snacks to go with our succulent sandwiches.

Guided by Josep Conesa continuing the saga, we have made a substantial change to our facilities with the relocation of new spaces, creating a new environment from existing space to give a feeling of spaciousness.


With premises designed by us which allows us too offer our products with the maximum quality assurances, as well as a sandwich menu for celiacs with the total guarantee of  traceability

The greatest success of our sandwiches is due to the method that we use during the preparation with electric griddles designed specially by us, fruit of the experience of years searching for the perfect
toasting for the bread as well as to be able to cook meats withoutmeat
any type of oil and also eliminating the fats of  the
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