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During the Spanish post war period Don Pedro Conesa embarked during eight years in the Cape Horn with  the Ybarra company doing the route to South America. Tired of going from port to he decided settle down in Barcelona and began to work as an employee in the delicatessen of Sr. Sancho and soon after, transferred it to him. This occurred in 1951.
At that time due to the location of the establishment the majority of the clients were civil servants of the City council and the former Delegation of Barcelona that came to  drink a  “chatito of wine” to accompany the cheese or  ham or a delicious tin of clams

Don Pedro in the doorway of the popular establishment

Don Pedro was a person who was completely devoted in looking after his clients and in this eagerness one day he opened a tin of German Frankfurter Würstchen that were on display  and after seasoning them, he cooked the sausages on the small burner where he prepared his food, they were liked so much that this was the start of the invasion of the “Frankfurt” in Barcelona

First on the burner, later on the Berrens griddles which only had room for one sandwich and later he acquired griddles that have been our trademark for the preparation of our sandwiches and during so many years they have delighted so many Barcelonians and visitors
 Today it is a family business that is run by his son Josep who maintains the philosophy of having been instituted as “Sandwich Artisans ".   Conesa’s team is proud to have a clientele of four generations to which they try to pamper day after day.
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